Deegan Children's Theatre

About the Deegan Children's Theatre

The Children’s Theatre at SCT began with a small dream… to create a program that would welcome kids from across northwest Iowa to learn, play and make theatre together. A handful of ambitious volunteers set to work raising money, finding teachers, and hoping that kids might be interested. 

In the summer of 1990, the dream came alive. The Wunderfun Youth Company became the very first program for kids at SCT. A two-week workshop that allowed kids to write and perform their own short play, Wunderfun soon became so popular that the Children’s Theatre needed more programming. And so in 1994 the first full-scale Children’s Theatre production took the stage. How to Eat Like a Child (And Other Lessons in Not Being a Grownup) was a musical romp through the joys and sorrows of being a kid. Since that first play the Children’s Theatre at SCT has mounted over 55 youth productions. The annual summer program has grown to include two stage productions, over a dozen camps, and over 300 students.

In 25 years, thousands of young people have spent their summers at SCT. Many of our graduates have become directors and actors, musicians and writers, doctors, lawyers, business people and teachers. Today the children of those first participants are stepping on stage right here at SCT. What began as a small dream is now a gift we pass on to our children—the gift of friendships and art, the magic of theatre.

This year a new chapter of our story begins. Thanks to the generous support of Basil and Mildred Deegan, the newly renamed Deegan Children’s Theatre has a grand and growing future. We’re on our way to creating a $500,000 endowment to secure the future of Children’s Theatre at SCT. This year we need your help to raise $25,000 to mark 25 years of great children’s theatre. Join with us in giving the gift of theatre to all the kids and generations to come. 


Our Address:
  PO Box 1225
518 1st Ave E
Spencer, IA
Hours of Operation:
Business Offices Tue. to Fri. 10 am to 5 pm
Box Office Hours (when open) Tue. to Fri. 11 am to 5:30 pm
       Saturdays of Performances 11 am to 2 pm
       One Hour Prior to Curtain Times
Costume Shop: Tues and Thurs 11 am to 6 pm

SCT Mission Statement

Vision Statement
Spencer Community Theatre is a magical place where performers, patrons, and volunteers are transformed by the creative experience. SCT encourages multi-generational and diverse participation in the artistic process. We are inspired by your past, proud of our present, and anticipate our future as a vibrant pillar of the cultural life of our community.

Mission Statement
Spencer Community Theatre serves as an instrument for community enrichment and education by offering the public the most fulfilling live theatre experience possible.

Spencer Community Theatre's programs are made possible in part by grants from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Leadership Partners, the Iowa Economic Development Authority, the National Endowment for the Arts, Renaissance Initiative Grant, Clay County Community Foundation, the Basil and Mildred Deegan Children's Theatre Endowment, and the Dvergsten Family Foundation. 



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